A Return to our Foundations

With under 5 months to go before we’ll be touching down in Cape Town, we are delighted to share the projects you will be working on in November!

Our heroic volunteers will be building in two schools in the township of Wallacedene, which is located in the Kraaifontein region, North East of Cape Town.

Home to Irene Grootboom, the South African Housing Rights Activist, Wallacedene is no stranger to the work of the Mellon Volunteers. Some of our more seasoned veterans will remember working in Wallacedene on the house building blitzes in 2009, 2010 and 2012. Between volunteers and our own construction firm Mellon have built almost 6,000 homes in Wallacedene. Many of the students in these 2 schools live in those houses, so this is a great way of completing the circle! For anyone who volunteered with us in 2012, you will remember the hall of Enkululekweni Primary School as that is where Mellon Educate was officially launched, this year we will return to where our journey began as an education charity.

The schools and work to be carried out is as follows:

Enkululekweni Primary School, with 1320 learners we will build 2 Grade R classrooms, a kitchen, a covered shelter, a playground including a sand pit and a road to teach the children how to cross safely. Three children have been knocked down by cars in the last few months, so the opportunity to learn about road safety in a secure environment is crucial. Check Out Enkululekweni Primary School on Google Earth.

Hector Peterson is a High School with 1460 learners and here we will build, 12 classrooms, including a room for a social worker, a kitchen, a toilet block, a covered shelter, an out-door gym and create 2 sports fields on ground that we have managed to reclaim from the City of Cape Town for the school. Check out Hector Peterson High School on Google Earth.

Of course, our magical touches such as our art work will be used all over the schools to give those beautifully bright finishing touches that Mellon Educate has become so well known for.

I’m also delighted to let you know that we have negotiated again with the Western Cape Government for them to financially support the building work of our volunteers, the figure will be in the region of R2.500,000. This support from the Western Cape Government is testament to our efficacy as an education charity.

We can’t do any of this work without you, our volunteers. Education changes lives, but so does the Building Blitz week!

If you haven’t registered already, but have been considering doing something truly amazing this year SIGN UP HERE.

Enkululakweni Primary School – 1320 Learners

Hector Peterson High School – 1460 Learners