Article about the Mellon Educate Covid-10 response from the South African Chamber of Commerce

Extract from the South African Chamber of Commerce website

Equally impactful has been the work of Mellon Educate, an Irish-based African development charity. Their South African focus has switched from construction and education projects to food distribution.  Mellon Educate has received donations from project volunteers in the UK, Ireland and South Africa but it is mindful that many companies are already engaged in their own initiatives. Deborah Morris (Head of UK Development), however, reports that corporates have been supporting their work: “We’ve received funds from the Antonio Carluccio Foundation in the UK.  Locally we have received support from Pick ‘n Pay, Shoprite and Zari Sparkling Grape Juice.”

Local liaison and reliable partnerships are critical says Deborah: “We prioritise working in partnership wherever possible. We do this to ensure wide and fair distribution of our food parcels, additionally to ensure we are not doubling up on distributions already made by other NGOs.”

Holly and Denise are part of the highly organised team working on the Mellon Food Parcel Campaign in the Western and Southern Cape

Mellon Educate’s approach and impact is best summed up by Mvuyisi Damba, Principal at Sobambisana Primary School in the Western Cape, whose staff are working with the charity on food drives: “Teamwork makes dream work, which is testament to the morale and energy levels of the team during the distribution process.” 

Happy Valley residents in Cape Town receive a Mellon Educate food parcel. The charity also works with community leaders in areas with security issues to set up food kitchens instead of distributing food parcels