Cancellation of November 2020 Mellon Educate Building Blitz due to COVID-19

Message from Niall Mellon

Dear Volunteer

We hope that you are safe and well during this unprecedented and challenging time in all of our lives.  Our sincerest good wishes for a speedy recovery to any of you, or your family members, who have contracted Corona virus and our heartfelt, deepest sympathies to those of you who have lost loved ones because of this virus.

It is with a heavy heart that I write to inform you that we have no alternative but to cancel our November 2020 Mellon Educate Building Blitz.  There are many important considerations we have taken into account, including the financial risk in making substantial pre-payments to airlines, hotels and other vital suppliers.  However, our absolute #1 MAIN concern is your personal good health and wellbeing, as well as that of the Mellon staff and the local township communities.  We simply cannot predict what will happen in six months’ time, and therefore the best decision needs to be taken now, for all concerned.

We do understand that you will be incredibly disappointed, as we know how much you look forward to the trip and how hard you fundraise to be able to participate and make a difference to so many lives.  The truth is, that during this crisis, your help is needed now more than ever before.

We are sure you will have seen the harrowing footage from the townships where people living in the most inhumane conditions are in lock down.  You will recognise only too well, the communities your involvement has already made such a difference to.  The love and hope you brought with you, left smiles and happiness on the faces of the children who met you and who are so desperate to escape poverty and build better lives for themselves.

The good news is that you can still help our children by supporting us during 2020.  Our charity’s priority is to keep all of our education programmes running in the schools we support and to continue to work with the communities you know so well.  As you know, the children at our schools depend on all of us to keep their hopes and dreams alive.

As well as keeping our education initiatives operational, our local team are currently engaged in the collection and distribution of food parcels within our school’s communities, which for many children and their families are their only source of nutritional intake.  This week, we were humbled to receive a phone call from the Government’s National Response Committee to say we have been recognised as a key partner on the ground responding to the crisis proactively.  This is a very special accolade for our charity.

In these unprecedented times, we are making an unprecedented special request to each of you.  We are asking you to please support us during this crisis by donating and fundraising as much as you can to us in 2020 separately to any other monies you may raise for the November 2021 building blitz.

The impact of Corona Virus has no borders rich or poor anywhere in the world.  When life does return to normal in our countries, it will undoubtedly take much longer in the developing world and those who have the least, will suffer the most.  The global unity of Corona Virus will make a lot more people sympathetic to your request for a donation and they will respect your efforts to help alleviate suffering.

With this help we will be able to offer our immediate support to those who need it most, at a time when hunger, fear, illness and uncertainty about the future has never been more real.  Of course, we do understand that the current crisis may well be affecting you, your family and your business and should this be the case then your financial support may not be possible.  You and your family’s emotional and physical wellbeing must always be a priority.

We will follow up this letter next week, with further details including up to date information regarding your funds raised to date.

As a charity working in Africa, we have not allowed the frightening prevalence of HIV, TB and other diseases in the communities we help to deter us, or to diminish our desire to put a roof over a child’s head or to provide that child with a quality education and similarly we will not allow our present Covid19 health crisis to undo your incredible efforts to date.

The heroic medical staff working on the front line in all of our countries have earned our respect and admiration.  They share the same selfless spirit as each of you, as you fundraise tirelessly to help those in need.  These are children and communities that you did not have to help, but whom you wanted to, and for this reason you deservedly take your place amongst a special group of people that our world and societies admire and respect so much.

I am confident the values and spirit of our family of volunteers will continue to inspire many during this crisis.

Thank you as always, for your incredible support.

Your biggest and most appreciative fan.