Car Boot Sale and Flea Markets

The Summer is well under way and so is all the fundraising. We have had a number of volunteers this year who are using Car Boot Sales and Flea Markets as a way of fundraising and we thought that it was a great fundraising idea to share with others in these recessionary times, as everyone is looking for a bargain! Last week I got talking to 2 volunteers, the first was James Stack who has rented a stall at numerous Car Boot Sales around his locality and I also spoke with Grace Sheehan who set up her own Flea Market last weekend in Bray.

James decided to go down the route of renting a stall at a Car Boot Sale as he did not want to keep hitting the same pool of people including family and friends. His daughter Hannah came on the blitz with him last year and is coming again with him this year so they decided to try a new way to raise funds. He believes that through having a stall at a Car Boot Sale you can “raise small amounts of money, that all add up”. He said “that they are great craic and are a lovely way to spend a Saturday or Sunday”.

James Stack gave some valuable Tips and Advice
(picture across taken by Finnella Naughton of James’ stall in the Presbyterian Church in Straffan, Co. Kildare.)

Money to Raise
It can be hit and miss so it’s a good idea to look at which ones you think will be best to set up at! Make sure to do a number of them. Last year I attended 5 and this year I have attended 3 so far. This year I have raised €589. It usually costs around €15/€20 to get a space.

What to Sell
“You name it, I sell it” is James motto. It can be hit and miss on what you sell and it depends on what you collect from people. Friends and family are always delighted to give you stuff that they don’t want so it no problem collecting items. He prefers not to sell clothes, ornaments or picture frames but sells everything else.

Get There Early
Make sure to get there early to get a good spot. “I usually get there are 07.30am to set up.” NB: Always bring plastic covering for you and around your car so you don’t get wet, getting there early gives you time to set this up properly.

How to Advertise
Let people know you are collecting for charity. I always wear the Niall Mellon Township Trust t-shirt, which often starts a conversation! I have a laminated sign reading “All Proceeds Go To The Niall Mellon Township Trust” and I use the posters given to me by the charity, in particular I find the “From This To This” very effective. I even get some great enquiries from people about going on the trip.

Top Tip: Always bear in mind you are selling to raise money for the charity, so be careful when bargaining!

Car_Boot FunsraisingGrace Sheehan: Tips and Advice

Grace had taken part in a Flea Market in town over Christmas and found it not only to be great craic but also a good way to fundraise. They used the Christmas Theme with mulled wine and decorations so she decided to apply the same idea when organising her own. So she came up with the concept of having a Summer Flea Market, choosing the most popular bar in Bray that was close to the sea.

How to Advertise
Luckily she has a brother who is a graphic designer who designed her poster. She printed a number of these and put them up around the town and also advertised online.

Stall Pricing
She set her stall prices at €20.00 and sold out all spots and also created a waiting list in case there were cancellations. She got the room for free which was an added bonus! She took a stall herself and sold clothes and dvds and other items friends and family donated. She also had friends who took stalls on the day so she was lucky as they gave her all the money that they made. Altogether she raised €660 from the day.

Her top tip would be to make sure that you pick the most popular spot in your area. Somewhere that people will be walking by so that you are easily located. She is thinking she might organise her next one on the beach front!

Thanks to James and Grace for sharing their ideas…

We are always looking out for interesting ideas for fundraisers!!! If you have had a successful fundraiser, let us know, and we will put it on the website to inspire our other volunteers. Give us a call on 01 494 8200 or email us at