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Founded in 2002, Mellon Educate has provided 175,000 Africans with new homes.
Our new mission is to provide better standards of education to 100,000 children in Africa.

Every year, Mellon Educate organises their now renowned “building blitz” trip to Africa for volunteers from all over the world to travel and lend a helping hand building better infrastructure in poor African communities.

In conjunction with the South African government, we’ve housed 175,000 local people in high grade permanent homes, replacing dilapidated shack living conditions. Since 2013, Mellon Educate has set about improving access to better standards of education in African townships.

To date, the charity has built/renovated 32 schools, providing over 50,000 young children with a better chance at life. We are building towards educational programmes throughout Africa that will benefit over 100,000 primary school kids.


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Volunteer in 2023

One week of the Mellon Educate ‘Building Blitz’ will change your life.
More importantly, it will change the lives of thousands of impoverished children who desperately need your help.

  • Volunteering for Mellon Educate is like a bug that never leaves you. The last three years I have left South Africa thinking that it was my last trip, but by the next January I can't wait to sign up again! For me the defining facts are the sense of pride that never leaves you and the friendships that will last a lifetime. It's an experience you will never forget.

    Brad Wood
  • Africa gets into your blood and calls you back year after year. Little did I think that when I signed up that it would become such a huge part of my life and that it would be on a building site in South Africa that I would meet my husband!

    Tracey Weldon
  • I became involved after seeing Niall on the Late Late Show. I can honestly say that it has changed my life. I have been exposed to the reality of poverty up close and this has stopped me taking anything for granted and spoiling my children too much. 

    Sandy Dunne


On this historic 20th anniversary of our charity’s Building Blitz week, we are returned to Cape Town’s township Khayelitsha and undertook much needed work at Yomelela Primary School and Injongo Primary School, jointly attended by 2,310 children.

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