A fresh lick of paint

A Change is as Good as a Rest!

Our volunteers don’t rest on their laurels and neither does their charity. In anticipation of building blitz 2016, Mellon Educate is pleased to unveil their latest website design to their volunteers and charity supporters.

Change is a constant. The shape and direction of the charity has changed over the years to meet new challenges of communities in Africa. Niall Mellon Township Trust housed 125,000 homeless people in South Africa in 25,000 purpose-built homes constructed by some 22,000 volunteers in the decade starting 2002. In 2012, the township trust transitioned to primary education, building & refurbishing schools for children deprived of the basic human right to education.

MellonEducate.com was launched to showcase the Mellon Educate Results Programme, our 10-year initiative to provide better education and local school governance collaboration for 100,000 children. To date, our volunteers have built 10 schools and helped 10,000 with access to better school facilities and improved school performance benchmarks.

As the charity embarks on another incredible journey this November with some 300 volunteers from the UK, Ireland, USA and around the world, our new charity website is designed to better connect with friends of Mellon Educate, to tell our story and share our vision for a better future for Africa.

The new website is designed for an age of experience. We have concentrated on ease-of-use and accessibility. The website is mobile-friendly, clearly signposted and visually rich. Less is more. We want you to be able to quickly find what you want to know and do the good that you want to do. We hope you like the new site and that your feedback will help us make it even better.

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