One Agent – One Child – Mellon Educate partners with Nutun


Nutun CX announces groundbreaking corporate social responsibility initiative: ‘One Agent – One Child’ to tackle literacy: “81% of children under the age of ten cannot read for meaning in any language.”

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa emphasised in his State of the Nation address that access to quality education for all is the most powerful instrument to eradicate poverty. Aligned with that, South Africa has seen a dramatic increase in businesses seeking to uplift a country grappling with load shedding, debt, inflation and unemployment through its steadfast dedication to education.

Nutun CX, a prominent provider of financial services, customer experience, and credit rehabilitation in the BPO industry, has introduced a new corporate social responsibility initiative, ‘One Agent – One Child’. Under this program, Nutun CX will support the teaching of one South African child to improve their reading skills, for each agent they employ.

“Looking at the size of the business now, we have 3000 agents, that’s 3000 children we will help to read through the training and placement of Community Literacy Tutors at partner schools. Consider the impact; One agent helping one child, but as we improve the reading abilities of young children, we also provide opportunity and upskilling to unemployed youth from communities where the schools are placed. This initiative impacts one child, one family and one community, because that child will change so many lives over time,” explains Babalwa Mpulampula – Mellon Educate Board Member.

By launching the initiative, the company builds upon its commitment to the inspirational charity Mellon Educate, supporting its School Building Program and school-based “Literacy Hubs” including community-based “Literacy Tutors Program.”

“A structured literacy hour is invaluable once a week between tutor and learner. The feedback from teachers, and from senior management in the schools, where the programme is run is consistent and speaks to the change in the children when they go back into the classroom, the confidence they exude. As they strengthen their emerging literacy skills, they participate more in the classroom, learning more as a result while inspiring their peers. That creates the opportunity for them to learn so much more,” added Babalwa Mpulampula

Nutun CX also contributed 100,000 Euros (R1.8 million) to Mellon Educate, to build more schools in under-resourced communities, providing vital infrastructure and resources for underprivileged children. In November 2022, Nutun’s dedicated team joined forces with 250 global volunteers to support its remarkable school-building initiative at Yomelela Primary and Injongo Primary, where renovations and construction of classrooms, toilets, kitchens, and playgrounds took place.

“It is evident that education is our passion – the cornerstone of a prosperous and inclusive society,” remarked Paul Swainson, Nutun CX CEO. “For South Africa to thrive in 2023 and beyond, it is crucial that we prioritise access to quality education for all citizens, regardless of their socioeconomic background.”

“Education is the foundation upon which we can build a prosperous future for South Africa,” stated John Watling, CEO of Nutun. “I am leading an organisation that is making a huge impact and purpose. Social responsibility extends beyond financial success and encompasses the well-being of shareholders, suppliers, partners, and employees. Particularly for the younger generation entering the workforce, it is vital for them to align with a company whose values they can be proud of and witness being put into action every day.”

“At Nutun, we have spent well over half a century with a clear goal – to create economic sustainability in the communities we serve through digitally enabled business services that introduce simplicity, ensure stability, and enhance effectiveness,” added Swainson.

The BPO industry presents immense potential for large-scale employment opportunities for young South Africans in the coming decade. The Department of Trade, Industry and Competition (DTIC) and other strategic public, private and social partners, has set a target of creating between 250 000 and 500 000 cumulative new jobs in the sector by 2030.

Nutun CX continues to forge stronger relationships with key charities such as Mellon Educate, The Retail Trust, Pennies, and others. These partnerships highlight the organization’s dedication to supporting and uplifting communities not only through financial contributions but also through active involvement and engagement.

Niall Mellon, CEO of Mellon Educate, recently visited Nutun CX’s centre in Durban to launch the ‘One Agent – One Child’ initiative. “The wind is currently in the sails for ESG initiatives, with businesses acknowledging that it is crucial not only for their success but also for the betterment of society and the planet,” he said.