“Out came the bold”

The foundations were set,
the plans were laid,
the weeks of momentum caused no delays,
The plethora of names arriving on site,
each sporting helmets,
all bushy and bright.
The anticipation of building site life took hold
Sleeves were rolled up
and out came the bold.
The banter began as soon as dawn broke,
with firsties being privy to a fair few jokes-
to our dear volunteer, who went off at the larks,
to find a bucket, to go and catch sparks!
And to another dear soul who spent an hour, like a saint,
to search in the cabin for a tin of dry paint!
The humour and heart has powered us through,
the skills of our foreman and volunteers too,
who may never have plastered, or blocked or skimmed
and yet chain ganged and powered the build to the end.
The paint is drying, the playgrounds shining,
the laughter on site and shack visits lying within the forefront of all of our minds,
the children we’ve seen, sing dance and shine.
Savouring the moments, seeing their joy,
knowing we’re part of each girl and each boy,
reaching one step closer into the light,
which started when a man – had passion and foresight,
to bring a collective, together, and see,
what the future of these children could be,
if we built them houses and then built them schools,
to change the system,
challenge the fools,
who may believe there is a them and us,
which we all know – as we step on that bus,
does not exist and should not be true –
for each of these children are the same as you.
They came into the world with innocent hearts,
so let us continue to make them a part
of the future change,
a global community,
where education means a thing of unity.
To each and every volunteer,
your time to reflect is nearly here,
we thank you – so get ready to save the date,
for 2017 with us at Mellon Educate.

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