Recycle For Cash

If the thought of asking people for cash donations or organizing yet another table quiz/race night /street collection is getting you down don’t despair – we have a SOLUTION!

Join REUSE, REDUCE, RECYCLE (for cash!!) initiative, save the environment AND fundraise at the same time.

We have done some research and found a great organization Lenrec Inc. ( and want to share their initiative with you. So how does it work?

Donate you clothesYES!
· Men’s, Women’s & Children’s Clothing
· Shoes
· Soft Toys
· Belts & Handbags
· Household Textiles – Curtains & Towels
· Books
· Mobile Phones
· Laptops

· Dirty or Wet Clothing
· Mats
· Carpets
· Duvets/Pillows
· Magazines, school books, diaries



€5.50 per 10kg of Clothes/Textiles;
€0.05 per 1kg of Books;
Very Grateful Family, Friends & Neighbours because you helped them to clear out their attics…
Large collections will be collected for free nationwide and you get paid within 7days!


  • Van RecollectionSecure a location as a drop off point local church, school or car park;
  • Select one day or a weekend;
  • Tell your family, friends, colleagues & Community to sort their unwanted clothing and textiles & drop to your collection point;
  • Advertise your collection in the local shops boards, Papers, Church Newsletter, Local Radio and using Posters;
  • Contact Lenrec to prearrange date / time with them. You can contact Lenrec’s Brian Godfrey directly on or 087 293 55 43 or give us a call in here in the office.

Watch this space for more Recycling for Cash ideas…..