Rose of Tralee Volunteers

Today, Maria Walsh, winner of Rose of Tralee 2014, is flying her Mayo county colours in support of Irish charity Mellon Educate. In the Irish Independent this afternoon, Maria announced that she’ll be joining over 200 volunteers this November travelling from Ireland & all over the World, to build new schools in Ngcendese & Zwelinzima, rural towns in Mandela’s homeland of the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Speaking on the announcement, Niall Mellon said “we are so proud that Maria is joining our volunteers in November. [ ] She is no stranger to volunteering as she has been involved in organisations that focus on the development of young people where she is living. [ ] Her hard working and giving nature is hugely complementary to our focus of building a concrete foundation and future to the young people of Africa.”

Welcome to the blitz team Maria, we’re thrilled you’re coming on this journey with us to build better lives through education for the next generation of the New South Africa. It’s going to be the experience of a lifetime!
Maria Walsh Volunteers Mellon Educate Charity