Thank You!

A big thanks from all the team for this lovely letter from our wonderful volunteer Kieran Weldon. We thought it would be lovely to share with you.

Hi Linda, Eimear & all at NMTT office

Hope you all arrived back safe and sound. Every year I go on the trip I say it is the best week of my life and surely it cannot be bettered…and then you organise a week for this trip and I was blown away! I have to admit I was in bits having to say goodbye to everyone in Cape Town. I have never cried as much in my life and it really had an effect on me.

There was a different feeling on the trip and to me it seemed that everyone was taking their time to absorb the enormity of what the charity has achieved. There was plenty of work to be done but yet we had time to meet & play with the children and it was a very relaxed trip, even to the point that on the Friday there is normally a lot of messing and play acting but this year everyone just stood and admired the work and the change that had been made since our journey began.

Imazin Yethu - Mellon EducateI loved the trip to Imazin Yethu & the soccer match that followed and what can I say about being the opening act for President Suma. People who don’t know me could not believe that I was the same fellow on the stage and to get a standing ovation for people who I hold in high esteem it was a moment I will treasure forever. The funny thing is that Niall greeted me in the airport and I was tongue tied when he asked me to tell a yarn! He was slagging me about it any time we met.

It was a special trip as Aidan got to hand over the Emerald house. He is a mighty man and I was delighted that he got the privilege. His father in law passed away on Monday after we came home.
Words cannot express how much I appreciate all the hard work that you do and the efforts you go to for to make the trip a very special one for each of the volunteers.

Looking forward to Kenya!