Kenya Blitz 2013

The Kenyan capital was to be the venue for the charity’s first ever school building blitz – with the completion of a new school with 25 classrooms for 1,300 children from the Mukuru slum being the goal. Sadly, the October blitz for 350 Irish volunteers was cancelled due to security concerns following a terrorist attack on the city’s Westgate Mall. However, the 100-strong local Kenyan workforce performed miracles to get the school finished on time. A medical centre building was also completed at the nearby Rueben centre. A group of volunteers came to Nairobi for the handover ceremony in November. Niall Mellon described the efforts to get the St Catherine’s built on time as a “triumph for good work over evil”.

Photo Gallery

Mellon Educate School Building Site
Mellon Educate School Building
Niall Mellon School Plaque
Niall Mellon, Sister Mary, St. Catherines, Nairobi